Your songs can sound as you dreamt them! Send us your rough idea and we’ll give you a fully produced song ready to be presented at labels, auditions or radios!

We think your music and your ideas deserve a chance.

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You just have to send us your song or arrangements in mp3 or midi, and we’ll take it from there.

Your music has no limits in the Groove Strasse.

Music Production 1

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Music Production 2

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In addition to custom production, we also offer you these basic packages:


Groove Strasse Production

¨Do it yourself¨ Production

Full Music Production

  Drum Tracks
  Bass Tracks
  Guitar Tracks
  Keyboard Tracks
 Mixing & Mastering  
  Real Choirs    
  Real Horns    
  Price  € 500 € 320 € 740







Silvio is your producer. Together you will develop and produce your ideas from the beginning.