Get the guitar tracks of your dreams in your songs! Solos, riffs and arrangements, exactly as you want them!

A home recording production can be tricky, sometimes it’s difficult to choose the correct effects and plugins to get the perfect guitar sound. You can avoid this problem without spending a fortune working with our experts. Groove Strasse offers you electric and acoustic guitar tracks for 80€ each. You can also get additional guitar tracks for 30€ each.

The guitar track costs 80€ and you get:

 A professional guitar track

 3 free modifications

 Royalty-free license – use the guitar track in any commercial purpose

It’s very simple:

1. You send us the song as an mp3 (recorded at a fixed tempo) or a midi file

2. We send you a preview of the track so you can tell us what to modify

3. We send you the amped guitar tracks and the rough tracks in 48 hours or less

Order your track now!